Bio Skin Eco Pack

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This Eco Pack contains 3 pieces of Bio Skin hair system and costs $339 in total.

Base Design Bio skin base all over, 0.08 mm 
Knotting MethodSingle split knots with v-looped hair in front to create natural hairline
 Base Size 8’’ x 10’’
  Base Material ColorSkin Color
  Front ContourStandard CC shape
Colors Available#1, #1B, #1B10, #1B20, #1B40, #2, #210, #220, #240, #3, #310, #320, #340, #4, #410, #420, #5, #6, #7, #19, #23
 Hair Length 5"~6"
Hair Density Medium Light
 Hair Type 100% Indian Human hair (Grey hair is synthetic)
Curl & Wave Slight wave ( 32 mm )
Hair DirectionFreestyle
 AdvantageNatural, undetectable hairline, easy to attach and clean
DeliveryInstant delivery within 24 hours.  

When you receive the order, if you find there is any problem or you are unhappy with it, please do not have the unit cut, styled, colored or washed, but contact us instead.

Magic hair customer service will discuss with you and try to exchange a perfect one. Rest assured that we guarantee 30-day return if the hairpiece is not cut, styled, washed, colored or used.

If you ask us to cut the base size, cut the hair length, or make any alteration to the stock system before shipment, it cannot be returned for a refund.

Please cut the excess lace or skin before you attach the hairpiece to your head.

Bio Skin Eco Pack 

 Bio Skin Eco Pack 

 Hairlines Wearing a Bio skin Hair System

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